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What is Rally O

Rally Obedience is an activity that has come from the USA where it started about 10 years ago and it is very popular.

Rally Obedience is not as strict as Formal Obedience in that the dog can walk to heel on a loose lead and the positioning of sits are less strict. Handlers are encouraged to talk to their dogs while completing the course. The handler can use voice and hand signals when performing an exercise. Harsh handing will be penalised.

Dog and Handler Teams navigate a course with numbered exercises such as Sit-Down-Sit, Sit-Walk around dog, Figure of Eight without instructions from the judge.

The first two levels are performed on lead. The team starts with a score of 200 points following the course moving from station to station at a normal pace. Points will be lost if the exercises are completed incorrectly.

The next levels are performed off lead and you see recalls, retrieve and jumps introduced. 

 You and your dog will never get bored and it will help to build a strong, positive relationship with your dog.